College Information

Educational policy

  • Acquisition of knowledge as the expert professional
  • Maintenance of the virtuous ethical standard
  • Cultivation of a strong sense of mission, a sense of responsibility to the profession
  • Development of an exalted spirit of dedication

Diploma policy

Yokohama College of Commerce will certify graduation and award the degree of Bachelor of Commerce to a student
-who understands the spirit of the foundation "To develop trustworthy graduates, to entrust the task safely in their hands ",
-who acquires the following senses and abilities and who has earned the predetermined amount of credits.

  • A good citizen, a good business person with wide range of education required in the globalized society, communication skills, ethics.
  • The ability to discover, analyze and resolve the various problems in modern society with diverse values.
  • A sense of dedication to the society, an ability to utilize knowledge, an ability to take actions, and an ability to collaborate with others.
  • High sense of professionalism, expertise and logical thinking which are required for professionals.

Curriculum policy

Based on the spirit of the foundation, we organize the curriculum in accordance with the following policy in order to train business persons with expertise.

  • Cultivation and acquirement of the basic knowledge about the business and management, communication skills
    “Basic business skill program” and “professional basis program” aim
    - to acquire the basic knowledge and skills of business and management,
    - to develop communication skills and abilities to collaborate with others
    -and to build the foundation of knowledge and skills
    in order to raise the business and activities in society.
  • In order to explore a wide range of education we have placed the subject group of “Comprehensive basis program” that aims to explore a wide range of education in order to capture the demands of the times in the real world and seek "what should be done".
  • We have a subject group of “Professional program” that aims to develop systematic expertise and the logical thinking that are required in order to be active as a professional of the business.
  • Through a practical and interdisciplinary class to relate to the reality of business and expertise, we have “Frontier Program” that aims to cultivate abilities that may work as immediate use through a practical and interdisciplinary classes to relate expertise to the reality of business.
  • We have placed the subject group of “Research program” which consists of interactive classes aims to acquire abilities to utilize knowledge, resolve problems and take actions.

Admission Policy

In Yokohama College of Commerce, we ask the students
-who aspire to be good business people, good citizens,
-who have a strong interest in the society,
-who think and learn independently,
-who understand the spirit of the university's foundation,
-who are active in the global society.
We assess not only how much a student has learnt in various subjects in the learning process up to high school, but also how much he learnt proactively even outside the course.